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3 Reasons To Try Facebook’s Lead Capture Forms

Facebook’s new lead capture forms are working wonders for small-medium size businesses.

I can attribute three main reasons why so many companies are happy with the service.

1. They’re not ugly (like many websites)

We spend a ton of time trying to convince business owners to revamp and revitalize their old, slow, standard websites. Failing this, we build landing pages. Most of the time we succeed in convincing our partners, but sometimes owners can’t be bothered. It happens.

If you’re one of those people that refuse to update your website from 2002, Facebook’s lead capture forms are definitely the way to advertise. If you send people to your website, you’re wasting money. If you send people to a form within the platform they’re already using, you’re much more likely to get a lead.

2. No hoops to jump through

I say it all the time — the more buttons you add or the more steps you create for someone to fill out a form — the fewer inquiries you will get.

Only ask for what you need. Facebook allows advertisers to limit the fields needed for someone to fill out a lead. So if you just need a name and phone number, that’s all you need to display.

Better yet, Facebook has one huge leg up on their competition. Since they know so much about who all of us are, they can actually PRE-FILL OUT their lead generation forms for your target audience. This means that if someone clicks on your add, all of their information will already be filled in for them, all they have to do is hit enter.

3. Easy integration

Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to get your new leads/contacts from your ad platform into your CRM. Not with Facebook.

You can now sync your lead generation campaign with your CRM. Marketo, MailChimp, Zapier, Zoho — there are tons of integrations you can set up within Facebook’s ad manager. It makes the lead nurturing process much simpler than other platforms.

If you’re looking for more types of Facebook ads, here are three extremely profitable types of ads you can set up.


This article was originally published at Cave Social.

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