3 Important Reasons Why Social Media Doesn`t Work

3 Important Reasons Why Social Media Doesn`t Work
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If I had a dollar for every time I’ve overheard the word social media sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant, well, I’d probably have an extra $100 dollars in my bank account or more.

We once sat with a business owner who told us social wasn’t worth it. When we checked out his accounts, the images weren’t great, the posting was inconsistent, and let’s not even go into the captions. A few months later – the business was gone.

I’ve also had the privilege of sitting in the restaurants my agency handles social media for and witnessed first hand people marching up to order, phone in hand, Instagram open, and point to a photo we’ve posted and said: “I want this”.

So what’s the difference between people in scenarios 1 or 2 and my clients is simple. There are some basic mistakes entrepreneurs and businesses are making that are keeping them from growing an engaged audience:

1. They Don’t Know Their Audience

This is crucial because not having this part figured out means you’re trying to talk to everyone, which means you’re really just shouting and hope someone hears you.

If you’re unable to make a connection with people, then don’t count on being able to sell them anything.

2. They Are Not Consistent

In this new world of social media algorithms, and really all along, being consistent is key to growing an audience. This doesn’t mean you have published everything every single day.

It just means coming up with a consistency that works for you. The key to this is strong messaging and content that’s aligned with what your audience needs to see.

3. They Are Just Trying To Build A Following

I will say this time and time again. The days of just accumulating followers like baseball cards are over. Without being intentional and thinking about whether you’re building an audience that’s right for their business, you’ll just have a room full of bodies.

The difference between people who say social media doesn’t work and the ones that are gaining clients, making sales, and consistently growing their audience with QUALITY leads from their social media is simple: they have a process that works.

They’ve figured out what their audience wants to see, they deliver it on a consistent basis and they are constantly observing and tweaking.

Although this may sound like a ton to do, it’s not.

In reality, if you’re spending more than an hour on social media a day, you’re probably just wasting time with “busy work”… and I don’t want that for you, friend.

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