Do you want instant access to digital products you can rebrand and resell as your own?

Do you need help starting an online business, and never get stuck again?

At PreneurX, we do the hard work of researching, creating and packaging in-demand digital products so you don’t have to.

We know how important it is for you to provide your customers with high-quality products.

You are one step closer to start downloading premium quality ebooks, software, videos, graphics, articles, audio, templates and other digital products.

We feature digital products with resale rights, master resale rights and private label rights licenses.

Which mean that you can sell, edit or even claim the product inside as you own, and keep 100% of the profit!

Every product includes a landing page, sales page, graphics, promotional banners and emails making it easier and faster for you to promote.

Not sure how to start? Here are 12 ways to start making money with our digital products…

Sell Your eBook

When you edit and re-brand our digital products, you become the author! This gives you full rights to the product and the freedom to market and sell products as you wish.

Start An Online Store Or Membership Site

Sell our products instantly, as is, or modify them for a unique offer. Set up your automated money-making machine by using our content for information to provide to your subscribers. Give out quality products in a chosen niche and watch your customers come back for more!

Sell On Popular eCommerce Sites

Sell products on your website, directories, forums, eBay, Amazon, Tradebit and others.

Build A Mailing List

The money is in the list! Use ready-made content to build up a loyal list of subscribers. Give away free products as incentives, then upsell customers your paid products.

Give Products To Customers As Bonuses

People are more likely to buy from you when you offer additional incentives for purchasing your product.

Create Home-Study Courses

Online courses are big business! We provide you with all the graphics and tools you require! You can market your courses anywhere you wish including auctions, digital marketplaces and your own website.

Make Your Own Blog Or Newsletter

People want information! Give them what they’re looking for simply by marketing yourself as an expert with the help of our ready-made content. Throw up the content on your site daily or weekly and build up a loyal fanbase!

Construct Mini E-mail Courses!

Use an autoresponder to set up automated e-mail courses such as a 10-part training course delivered to your customers over a 2 week period. Paste your affiliate links into the report or sell a hot related product at the end of the course to your subscribers!

Use Our Products To Create Your Own Digital Product

Set up an affiliate program for your product(s) and have others promote it instead of you. To jumpstart your affiliate program, write a short and useful report, mention your product and allow your affiliates to put their affiliate links. Once your affiliates start giving it away to their visitors or subscribers, you’ll be making money on autopilot for many years to come.

“Flip” The Products For Higher Profit

Edit the products, add value and then sell it at a higher price at popular marketplaces like Fiverr, Flippa or WarriorForum.

Translate Products Into Other Languages

Reach a larger audience and untapped market where there’s less competition.

Create DVD Or CD Copies

People like to get stuff on their address. Put the digital product into CDs or DVDs and ship them to your customers. The shipping cost of a CD/DVD is cheap.

The possibilities to start making money with digital products are endless.

Digital Products For Online Entrepreneurs

At PreneurX, our mission is to help online entrepreneurs and small business owners save time in producing digital products in the self-help and online business markets.

Become a member today and stop wasting your time and money by signing up from one membership site to another.

P.S. – You never have to worry about creating another digital product, ever again.

P.P.S. – You always get the latest digital products we release so that you can sell it right away.

P.P.P.S. – We will continue to add new products as they become available.

All files are in .zip format. To extract them you will need WinZip or JZip. Ebooks come in .pdf format.

To open them you will need Adobe Acrobat or Foxit reader.

Sell Digital Products And Keep 100% Of The Profit

We feature digital products with resale rights, master resale rights and private label rights licenses, which mean that you can sell, edit or even claim the products as your own, and keep 100% of the profit!
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