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Facebook’s Testing Out New Resume-Like Option, Similar To LinkedIn

While Facebook’s mission to stomp out Snapchat has been fairly overt, their efforts to take over other social media segments have been less so. Case in point – their gradual evolution of tools to take on LinkedIn.

This is of less importance for Facebook, of course – Snapchat’s hold on younger users likely poses more of an existential threat than LinkedIn’s 500 million or so professionals. But still, Facebook’s scale and data capacity provides The Social Network with opportunities to conquer almost any sector it sets its mind to.

And while job seeking and Facebook don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand at first blush, there’s actually a lot of sense to Zuck and Co moving into the recruitment market.

Facebook’s latest advance on this front comes in the form of a new take on their work histories listings, which essentially enables users to upload a virtual resume, similar to LinkedIn.

Facebook’s Testing Out New Resume-Like Option, Similar to LinkedIn | Social Media Today

First highlighted by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra, the new listings are similar to the existing work history already present on Facebook profiles, but they enable you to add in more specific career detail.

And importantly, as noted by TechCrunch:

“Today, users only have two options for handling that kind of information: either making it completely public, or just visible to your friends (but not entirely visible unless you choose to share it). The resume will have a more targeted use: you can show it off only when you choose to, as part of a job application.”

Facebook’s confirmed that the new resume-style listings are being tested, saying that:

“We’re currently testing a work histories feature to continue to help people find and businesses hire for jobs on Facebook.”

That description, in itself, is interesting – Facebook, of course, has been clearly edging into the recruitment sector for some time, with job listings for Pages first spotted last November. The addition or resumes will make the job application process even easier, and with Facebook also partnering with ZipRecruiter to add more job listings to their network, it’s clear that the blue giant is getting more serious about pushing into LinkedIn’s territory.

And as noted, Facebook’s scale and data capacity could provide some significant advantages.

Last year, Facebook’s research team published two separate studies which both pointed to how they might be able to use the Facebook graph for career insights.

The first study looked at who’s more beneficial in helping you find a job – a close friend or an acquaintance – while the second examined how jobs run in families.

Both are based on career insights gleaned from Facebook profiles, and point to how Facebook might be able to provide more accurate job listings based on such data. LinkedIn has long been thought of as the leader in this regard – they have the largest database of professional career histories ever created, which enables them to provide more targeted, specific job listings and recommendations based on commonalities in similar jobs, career longevity, etc.

Facebook’s studies show that they too can provide similar tools, though in a different way – through Facebook’s graph, they could connect the dots between a wide range of career commonalities, and eventually provide better candidate recommendations or job ad targeting based on these correlations.

Various studies have shown that Facebook’s interest graph can provide very accurate personality profiles – it’s not unfeasible to imagine such capacity could extend to job listings. Maybe, Facebook could end up being your best link to the most fulfilling career, if that’s the path they decided to go down.

This also comes as Facebook continues to develop its Workplace business platform, which is separate from regular Facebook, but could still be linked in a recruitment capacity.

Facebook’s also added a new screen-sharing option into Facebook Live, which could be another step towards more advanced professional use.

The indicators point to Facebook putting more focus on professional-based tools, further expanding their dominance in the social space. It’s still fairly low-key, Facebook hasn’t made any major announcements or pushes in this regard as yet. But The Social Network may soon become a key hub for job seekers, and those looking to find the best talent.

This story originally appeared on Social Media Today.

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