PreneurX Coin

PreneurX Coin

We decided to deploy our crypto as a token so members and investors can be assured of complete decentralization and transparency. By deploying on the Waves Platform we can utilize third-party wallet and blockchain explorers, which are outside of our control and our development.

We also remove any requirement for PreneurX to maintain its own wallet code, apps, and nodes, which means that members can use, hold and trade the coin safe in the knowledge that the work carried out by Waves will directly support our coin deployed on the platform.

Payment Of Dividends

PreneurX is the first coin offering an equity position with returns based on profit. PreneurX is selling shares in our company, entitled to dividends.

Crypto is often a bad deal for investors, with no fundamental value, only speculation. PreneurX is setting an example, members deserve part of the company they are involved in.

PreneurX will payout the profit of net profits through dividends. Anyone holding coins will be able to receive their profit share of dividends in Bitcoin.

By allowing off-blockchain dividend requests and using cryptocurrency for payouts, members receive dividends with an unprecedented amount of privacy.

We anticipate the first distribution of dividends by month 12 of full operations. Dividend payments will be done through our payout wallet inside the membership portal.

Financial Projections

We project that by 2025 the annual run-rate will be approximately $58 million in gross sales revenue, from 119,000 members in 105 countries generating more than 1 million transactions per year, utilizing our coin, products, and services deployed on the PreneurX platform.

Fastest Blockchain In The World

Waves NG is making the platform easier and faster. It allows us to handle hundreds of transactions per second and means we are the fastest blockchain in the world.

Bitcoin-NG was designed to address bitcoin’s scalability issues, increasing network throughput to hundreds of transactions per second.

Waves-NG adapts this proposal to Waves’ proof-of-stake consensus and is the first-ever implementation of the protocol in a production blockchain system.

Third-Party Wallet

Your funds are stored in a blockchain address that only you control. You are the only person who can access your coins.

It’s a fully-featured client that lets you access all features of the platform. It offers fiat integration, fast speeds, an intuitive interface. It’s also constantly being updated. It allows you to store, track, transfer and manage your coins.

The wallet has a built-in decentralized exchange platform (DEX) that can be used to exchange assets, cryptocurrencies and fiat tokens.

We cannot offer direct wallet support, however, we would recommend Waves Wallet as the main wallet for members.

How do I start using my wallet? First, create an account. Don’t forget to download the mobile wallet at Google Play or App Store.

Please, make sure that you are importing the correct seed phrase because even a single character will generate a completely different wallet address.

PreneurX is the first cryptocurrency offering an equity position with returns based on profit, combined with a unique affiliate system. By just using, hold, exchange and resell the coin to others, the sky is the limit.

It`s easy and simple to start, just sign up.