No matter what your business is, it’s likely that you’ve considered implementing a social media strategy.

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, it’s essential to consider connecting with your customers in the digital space — especially when you consider that there are 2.77 billion social media users around the world.

Once you know you need a strategy, where do you start?

For many small business owners, Instagram seems like the obvious choice, given the way the platform lends itself to brand building.

But success on Instagram is about more than simply curating a beautiful feed — defining your goals and key success metrics to strive for is crucial to ensuring you see an ROI on your investment on the platform.

With more and more businesses looking to tap into the rising popularity of Instagram, standing out from the crowd is getting tougher, which means that you need to ensure you take a targeted, strategic approach to the platform.

And while there’s no definitive best way to approach Instagram (or any social platform for that matter), there are some key notes you can incorporate to ensure you’re covering all your key bases. That’s what this infographic from Fundera is all about.

The graphic outlines a range of Insta keynotes and tips, from creating an effective profile bio, to posting frequency, post composition, and more.

There are some solid tips here, which should help you form a more effective Instagram marketing process.

NOTE: Instagram Stories usage is currently at 500 million DAU, not 400 million stated.

This story originally appeared in Social Media Today. Image courtesy of  Bloomua/Shutterstock.

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